My NYSC exemption certificate was not forged – Kemi Adeosun


Mrs Kemi Adeosun a former minister of finance has stated on Thursday that she did not forge her National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) exemption certificate as widely alleged in the media. 

This was disclosed by Dele Ogun, a lawyer and elder brother to the former minister in an interview with Arise TV The Good Morning Show.

Ogun stated as a matter of fact and law that there was no forgery case established anywhere against Adeosun. He said that the starting point was that Adeosun was entitled to the exemption certificate.

Secondly, it was confirmed by the National Youth Service Commission through a publication by Vanguard Newspaper of 9th July 2018 that Adeosun applied for an exemption certificate.

He stated further that a certificate was procured for her by the office of the Governor of Ogun State who at that time was looking to engage her services as Commissioner of Finance.

The certificate was cleared by the Ogun State House of Assembly, the National Assembly, and the Department of State Services (DSS) before her appointment at both the State and Federal governments.

Gatekeepers News reports that on the basis of the allegation, Dele Ogun said that there was no investigation carried out because Kemi Adeosun in her resignation letter stated “I have today become privy to the findings of the investigation into the allegations made in an online medium that the certificate of exemption from the NYSC that I had presented was not genuine”.

Ogun said that the reality is that, that was what she was told at a meeting in the Vice-President’s office that there had been an investigation and that the investigation found that her certificate was not genuine.

According to him, she was never issued an investigation report neither has anyone seen the investigation report. This information was passed onto her orally and it was in response to that information which she had no reason to doubt that she decided that the honourable thing to do was to resign her appointment.

Ogun further that he acted for Adeosun when the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales decided to investigate her because they had an allegation that a member of their institute had forged a document. He said that in the end, the institute was surprised that there was no investigation report. “Suffice it to say that at the moment, Kemi Adeosun is still a proud member of the institute.”

Kemi Adeosun was Nigeria’s Minister of Finance between 2015 and 2018.



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