ICCDI Africa, WellaHealth Kicks off Women Health Support Project, Mark World Malaria Day


To mark World’s Malaria Day, the International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI Africa) in partnership with Wellahealth has kicked off a Women Health Support Project themed “BuildBackBetter” which is scheduled to run for 3 months amongst women residents of Somolu Local government and Bariga LCDA.

The project is aimed at promoting and enlightening women on the importance of environmental wellbeing. The organizations kicked off the project on April 25, 2021, by conducting free blood pressure screening among the women.

The co-founder of International Climate Change Development Initiative Africa, Mr. Olumide Idowu enjoined women to pay great attention to their environments and informed them about the importance of climate change. According to him, the environment is in dire need of public attention as it is changing more than ever.

Health Safety Specialist and Director YOSHE, Kuburat Kadiri also implored women on the importance of keeping their environment clean to prevent malaria. “Keeping our environment clean is a prerequisite if we need to combat Malaria. Activities such as clearing the bushes and disposing of stagnant waters can go a long way in helping us fight Malaria”
About 60 Women were screened for blood pressure during the exercise. The women residents were also given access to free medical services for the next three months.

Describing the event, Mrs. Yetunde Akintola, a beneficiary of the exercise expressed enthusiasm about the project. “I came from Bariga to do a blood pressure test and I loved the way they entertained me. They treated me well, listened to me and documented all I had to say.

Another beneficiary Alhaja Folashade Yahaya described the event as eye-opening as she learnt how to become more cautious and proactive in taking care of the environment. “I came from Somolu to do a blood pressure test. I didn’t expect this turn up to be much because it’s on a Sunday but we thank them. We learnt how to take care of our water, and our environments.”

The #BuildBackBetter project which is expected to last for 3 months is aimed at educating and enlightening women about their environment as well as revitalizing the importance of medical checkup amongst women as opposed to unorthodox self-medication which has become so prevalent.

Mr. Olumide Idowu was also given a special shout out to UNDP Nigeria, Solutions 17 and the UN Basket Fund for supporting the women health support project that will help women from Shomolu and Bariga to BuildBackBetter and have access to free medicals and drugs for the next 3 month.


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