Gavel Frowns At Repeated Disobidence Of Court Orders By DSS


Gavel, a not for profit organization, has fowned at therepeated disobedience of court orders and the alleged contemptuous attitude of the Department of the State Security Service (DSS).

In a statement signed by Nelson Olanipekun, Team Lead, Citizens’ Gavel, the NGO declared the State Security Service (DSS) persona non-grata to all courts and passed vote of no – confidence on the agency.

“We and other concerned Nigerians have keenly observed in recent past the despicable and repeated disobedience of court orders and the contemptuous attitude of the Department of the State Security Service (hereinafter referred to as DSS).

“We humbly state that the recent display of impunity in the case of DSS v Sowore & Bakare wherein officials of the DSS stormed the court of law and in the presence of the sitting judge rearrested the Defendant amounts to the desecration of the temple of justice and the judiciary as a whole. This act was done after a flagrant and long disobedience of a standing order of the court mandating the release of the Defendants.

“We humbly call on NBA and Judiciary to direct that all courts in Nigeria not to give the right of audience to any case instituted by the DSS until they undertake and start to comply with orders given by the court and stop further contemptuous behavior towards all courts in Nigeria. They must also purge themselves of their contempt by first releasing Sowore and Bakare; of their arrest and detention which was done while desecrating the Court. The crux is if an agency established by law cannot respect the Court to execute its mandate, then such agency should not be entertained by Courts and should not be allowed to use the judiciary to perpetrate its illegalities. Hence, all arrest of anyone beyond the purview of 48hours by DSS is tantamount to an infringement of human rights and such arrested persons must be released.

“We implore all legislative arms of government to take decisive actions against the DSS and a vote of No Confidence should be passed on them because if this can be done to the judiciary and press freedom, no arm of government is safe. Judiciary is the last hope of a common man; all Nigerians are unsafe and their legislators must stand strong with them.”

The organisation urged all stakeholders including the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to ensure that the rule of law and peace prevail in the society.


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